Wilderness through the eyes of a High School

Wilderness Club Winter 2014
Wilderness Club Winter 2014

The Wilderness does not always get a chance to be appreciated by urban kids or even kids out in the suburbs. Unless maybe you have a fishing and hunting kind of Dad. My Dad, the wine, cheese and ESPN type didn’t exactly consider a walk in the woods a great day out or a vacation.

Luckily there was an extracurricular program out there at Northport High School called The Wilderness Club. Founded by Bob Feinstein, stellar English teacher, cyclist, and outdoor enthusiast, in the 1980’s. (Someone please tell me if there are any grammatical errors in here stat for the love!)

The students learn about how to survive and thrive in the outdoors by going on 2-3 weekend/overnight trips per year – Fall, Winter and Spring trips. This is carry in and carry out kind of camping and hiking – everything on your back, no car camping people! Holy cow the kids actually leave the laptops at home and smell fresh, yes fresh, air in the Catskills … a miracle all around.

Wilderness Club Winter 2014
Wilderness Club Winter 2014

I’m lucky enough to not only have gone on these trips, but to now chaperone them!! The last trip was a snowshoe excursion thanks to a very white winter. And we are getting ready for our Spring trip in May.

Winter Camping Load
Winter Camping Load

If anyone wants to tap into this idea just let me know. As Mr. Feinstein sports his salt and pepper look (nice way of saying getting close to retirement!), I would love to see a program like this live in a high school out there near or far. Because honestly I would not have thought to go to Everest Base Camp without having this fuel kickstarting my fire.

Thanks RF. XO

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  • As a parent of a wilderness club teen I was thrilled with the outdoor experience the trips provided. The good memories these trips provided and the experience with nature without electronics “priceless”. Thank you Mr. Feinstein for your time and patience through the years.

  • Sounds great! I know a lot of schools that run camping weekends, but not in the winter. I would have loved to have had something like this at my high school. Your winter trip looks great fun, though I’m shivering just looking at the photos. Good luck with the May trip!

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