Why You Should Shred Your Boarding Pass

IndependentTraveler.com shares the following with us.  I am a pretty lax person when it comes to this stuff but perhaps I will think twice in the future!

We’re already used to destroying bank statements, tax forms and other sensitive documents when we need to get rid of them; now it turns out you should add your used airline boarding passes to that list.

New York City Skyline
New York City Skyline

KrebsOnSecurity, a computer security blog, recently reported that the bar and QR codes on your boarding pass can easily be decoded, revealing not only your name and itinerary but also your frequent flier number and any other information associated with it (such as your phone number or future flight bookings).

The blog points to this website as a free online resource for reading bar codes. Anyone who finds your boarding pass could snap an image of it, upload it to the site and access your information. He or she could theoretically make changes to your frequent flier account and even cancel your future flights.

How likely is this to happen if you accidentally drop your boarding pass into a recycling bin? It’s hard to say — but why take any chances…at least rip it up in little pieces if you don’t have a shredder.   I’ll be destroying my boarding passes from now on. Will you?

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