Which is the ONLY American airline that still gives a free checked bag with any fare?

Free Checked Bag
Checked Bag Fees?

We first got wind of the impending bad news last year and now it’s come to pass.  According to this article excerpt from IndependentTraveler.com JetBlue will no longer include one free checked bag with the cost of all its flights.

The discount carrier has rolled out a new fare structure, that offers varying baggage and other fees depending on how much you pay for your flight. If you book the cheapest available fare category, known as Blue, you’ll have to pay $20 or $25 for your first checked bag on most itineraries (it varies based on where you pay it — Web check-in, kiosk or airport counter). The second bag costs $35 in this fare category.

If you pay a little more for the Blue Plus fare, you’ll get one checked bag free, with the second costing $35. If you want to bring two complimentary checked bags, you’ll have to pony up for either the Blue Flex or Mint fare. (The latter is only available on cross-country flights.)

You can still get a free checked bag in any fare category if you’re headed to one of the following destinations: Santo Domingo, Santiago, Port-au-Prince, Port of Spain, Kingston, Cartagena, Medellin, Bogota, Lima or Mexico City.

Other differences between the fare categories include cancellation and change fees, which are highest for Blue passengers, a little lower for Blue Plus and free for Blue Flex.

Soooooooo, which airline is now the only American airline that offers free checked bags to all passengers???

Drum roll please … Southwest Airlines!!!  I was never a big fan since they came onto the frequent flyer scene a bit late.  However, I give Southwest MAJOR props for holding out and continuing to go rogue as the true low cost airline with their own way to grip that status.

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