Elmo to Everest!


So what does from Elmo to Everest mean?

Well this blog stream will take you from the beginning of my journey, which starts with that silly red monster, Elmo, all the way to my arrival at Everest Base Camp and beyond. My journey in the business world started out working at Mattel Toys on Sesame Street, in particular developing Elmo plush toys! Yes, I was there for the “Tickle Me” explosion and Sesame Street has not been the same since!

Working in the toy industry on Marketing and Branding for Barbie, Sesame Street, Nickelodeon characters and Jim Henson properties taught me that business, creativity and fun can be found together! Those special personalities then opened up more doors to work in Sales and Retail for entertainment properties like Thomas the Tank Engine and lifestyle brands like Jeep, Hershey’s and Budweiser.

Why do YOU want to follow along here? Well because I am sharing all of that Branding expertise with you.   Plus, I will share how I was able to marry my passion for travel, adventure and giving back with my career path so I can continue to love what I do everyday. That is a reality I wish for everyone.

In 2010, I found myself at Everest Base Camp with a huge smile on my face, a $65,000 check for the Brain Tumor Foundation and a new goal to achieve better quality of life and work like balance. Since, I have been immersed in climbing mountains and global adventure travel. This site is where I share those travel stories, tips and information.


Perhaps you are looking for more information on how to brand yourself, your company or your product? Perhaps you are inspired by travel and adventure as well? Perhaps if you make enough money selling your brand you will also take off on your own adventure? This part of the blog is dedicated to you, to the people that want to improve their branding knowledge and are inspired by travel.

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