Adventure Travel Gal in Hendersonville, North Carolina while goin’ cross country!

Cross Country Road Trip!
On the Road!

JZ comes through Hendersonville, North Carolina to see old friends on the big cross country trek to the new digs … destination Denver, Colorado.  Whew-hoo!

Asheville, North Carolina is hot and rightly so…what’s not to love… great weather, great mountains, fresh air, fabulous people, restaurants, shops and lots and lots to do.  BUT Hendersonville is VERY nearby and the lower key version.

So if you like a more simpler and quaint Main Street, including a real General Store, without all of the busyness Asheville is getting right now … Try this detour instead and make sure you walk up Glassy Mountain in the Flat Rock area for the full effect!

Clink link below for video.

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