5 Underrated Countries Which Will Pleasantly Surprise You!

Everyone knows nations like France, New Zealand and Japan are a wonder to visit, but what about those countries which go unloved? Here are five underrated countries that will pleasantly surprise you.


  1. Bolivia


When you think of South American holiday destinations, it’s only natural for your mind to instantly leap to spots like Brazil or Argentina.

Bolivia is an overlooked paradise, with the Yungas Road arguably standing out as the top locale to visit.

Named as one of the world’s deadliest roads by History.co.uk, this strip of track is a lot safer than it used to be and provides stunning natural views. Other spots to try out include the Salar de Uyuni salt flats and the Tiwanaku temple.


  1. Taiwan


Often overlooked, Taiwan is a country which rivals any for its natural beauty. Whether you want to take a hike through the Taroko National Park, or have a dip in the wonderfully named Sun Moon Lake, you’ll find something to enjoy.

The Yeh Liu Geological Park also provides a unique day out, with originally-shaped stones serving as an interesting spot for both geologists and general tourists alike.

Taiwanese food is also a delicacy, with items like beef noodles, oyster omelette and bubble tea all popular dishes.


  1. Mexico


Mexico’s reputation has been sullied in recent years by on-going issues with the US, but the reality is this Central American nation is one of the most aesthetically pleasing in the world.

Beach-goers can find their paradise in famous spots like Cabo San Lucas and amongst Mayan ruins in places like Tulum, but it’d also be worth exploring the secret Playa del Amor – known as the hidden beach on one of the Marieta Islands (at the mouth of Banderas Bay).

Even the homes paving the streets are a spectacle in themselves, with communities of houses scattered through the mountains you can’t help but admire the beauty of. ITREK describes them as “rich in vibrant colors of orange, greens, reds & blue’s” – they look like they’re all having a secret celebration.


  1. Mozambique


This is probably a nation most people haven’t heard of, let alone thought about taking a trip to. But as Fodors explains, Mozambique is: “Unspoiled, undeveloped, and untamed, – fast-emerging on the international tourism circuit with its wild beauty and exotic influences.”

This southern African state often gets neglected in favor of, unsurprisingly, South Africa – but provides just as much to see with amazing golden beaches like Inhaca Island and the Praia do Tofo.

In truth, the nation is more akin to a Caribbean paradise along the coastline than what you might expect of an African nation, and is definitely worth trying if you want a beach holiday that’s quiet and less commercial.


  1. Albania


Albania really does have it all. If you’re after relaxing on the beach you can check out Sarande or Vlore for their hot sands and crisp blue waters.

Culture more you thing? Why not check out the ancient ruins at Buthrotum, or the historic castles of Elbasan?

Natural beauty is covered in the form of the Valbone Valley National Park, while you can savour all sorts of delicious foods in the many markets Albania sees set up on its streets.


So, there you have it – five of the most underrated countries in the world. Why not try one of these neglected paradises for your next holiday?



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